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This blog is where I share my creative process, works in progress, thoughts on art, creativity and the effect of painting and creative practise on my life.

Making room


Good, new things don't usually come until we make room for them. Sometimes that means letting go of things that were comfortable, and pretty-ok, and good enough and jumping into the void.

One of the most visceral experiences of this phenomena, that I experience on a fairly regular basis, is painting over a decent, but not completely satisfying painting, with white gesso so that I can re-use the canvas. This week I let go of and entire year's worth of work. I simply decided that, while I was happy and grateful for the things I learned while creating them, the pieces weren't ones I wanted to offer to the world. They were technically good, but I didn't feel anything when I looked at them. They didn't compel me. They didn't feel alive. So I said goodbye.

It felt sad, and terrifyingly thrilling. Jumping-into-the void thrilling. I shed a few tears, for sure! I wondered if I was making a horrible mistake; like when you're halfway through a drastic haircut.

But in the wake of my massacre, of all of the paintings that came out of me when I was trying to be my idea of a  "good artist" , I was left with stretches of white. A clean slate. A chance to show up honestly, and be whatever artist I am.

Welcome to the journey. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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