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Protecting and Sharing


Here it is! My newest piece! I really like it!

Writing that sentence, and then writing and erasing the other five sentences I felt compelled to add in order to justify that statement, pretty much sums up what I'm about to say, and the feeling that drove me to create this image in the first place.

I like what I do. I enjoy the process, and I like the result. Despite that, like so many other humans, I often balk at sharing. I'm afraid to find out that it's not very good. I'm afraid to find out that its wrong or bad, and I was stupid for thinking it was worth sharing. I'm very skilled at devising arguments, explanations and justifications to defend the things I love and the things I create. This is at the same time, completely normal, and utterly useless. 

I'm trying to protect something that needs no protection, from something that can't harm it. The figure in this image can't hold the light in. She can't diminish or change it in any way. She can't make it something it isn't.

There is something of that first moment of intimacy, when the work is done and it's just us and our creation (painting, clay pot, handmade bookshelf, newest song... baby) and we just sit with it and marvel for a while, breathe it in. That moment is so precious and special, and then it resolves into the next moment, and it's time to let that creation go out into the world and do what it came here to do: be completely perfect in it's ordinariness.


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