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This blog is where I share my creative process, works in progress, thoughts on art, creativity and the effect of painting and creative practise on my life.

In Praise of Tiny


Sometimes, I don't get to play with the big brushes and canvas, and that's okay. I've been drawing for much longer than I've been painting, and a little 5X8 sketchbook feels comforting and un-intimidating enough to get me to relax in a way that sometimes even a regular sized sketchbook can't quite manage. Or, maybe it's the privacy of my illustrated journal that turns me into a child closing the door to their room, and opening a portal into the wild and wooly territory of imagination

When I draw in my journal or doodle in a small sketchbook, I'm saying to myself: no one will see. There's no pressure. Just try something, anything. It doesn't matter.

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