Annalee Kornelsen


This blog is where I share my creative process, works in progress, thoughts on art, creativity and the effect of painting and creative practise on my life.

Campbell Bay Music Fest Bound!

I'm on the party boat heading to the 7th annual Campbell Bay Music Fest, with heaps of old friends and new faces! Woo! Look at all of those pretty faces! I can't believe how much this little festival has grown up over the years.

I was a musical performer for the first two years, (and maybe again one day) back when we served cocktails out of the basement window. This year I m bringing sneaky art to CBMF. I've got pages to colour, a shared mapping exercise so we can see our web of connection, and a special edition of my colouring book that will be for sale at merch.

I ll also be live painting the festival! The piece I create will be auctioned off at the end. I'll be live tweeting the live painting, so follow me on Twitter, @mlleannalee to watch as it emerges and evolves!

Let the merrymaking begin!