Annalee Kornelsen

Paint Shenanigans

Claim some creative space with a good ol’ paint party.

No experience necessary. 

With the support of: Friends!, a fiercely supportive and experienced art guide (me), a zero pressure safe space, and maybe a little liquid courage. 


  • Paint
  • Brushes
  • Prepped and textured Canvas
  • Apron
  • Step by step guidance with a balance of support and sass
  • 1 glass of either wine or kombucha per person (5$ refills)

Leave with something you’ll want to hang on your wall. And not just the bathroom wall either. 

Name *


How many people will be there?

I like to keep things intimate. Paint parties are small hangs: only 6-8 people, plus myself and my lovely assistant. (If a specific date does not get a minimum of 6 people, the class may be cancelled, in which case tickets would be refunded) 

Do I need any experience? 

NOOOOOOOO! Come as you are, where you are, and I will meet you there.  All levels of experience and comfort are welcomed, cherished, and gently encouraged. 


There'll be some light snacks, but please make sure you come nourished. There are some awesome restaurants in the neighbourhood, and we are Gastown adjacent. Why not go out to dinner and make a whole night of it? 

How old do I need to be to paint party? 

18+ please. I centre my practice on adults looking for a creative outlet. We're open to working with your sweet teens if you're booking a private party (mom and daughter paint party, anyone?) so don't be afraid to ask.  

Is my ticket refundable? 

Groups are small, and I do my best to keep the cost low. Because I need to pay for and set up the venue and materials ahead of time, I’m unable to refund tickets. You can totally transfer your ticket to a friend, and live vicariously through them until the next opportunity. 

Is there parking near your studio? 

There is free street parking out front and around the block. You can also lock bikes out front, and there’s usually an evo or two kicking around. Make sure you have a safe ride home if you plan on partaking in adult beverages. 

Can I book a private party for me and my best babes? 

Yes! Absolutely! Got a rad pad or a fun venue in mind? We can come to you. We love stagette parties, baby showers, divorce parties (for real), girls nights, team building events and (almost) anything else you can throw at us. Email with some dates, number of people (up to 20), location (if applicable) and we’ll put a nice little quote together.