Annalee Kornelsen

Pet Portraits

This sounds great! How do I get one?

Simply fill out the form below, with your offering and location, and I will reply with a total quote (including shipping)and time line. You can email me a picture of the creature you would like me to paint, as well as any requests or other instructions.

For a limited time only, I'm offering 8 x 10" customized pet portraits on a sliding scale of 60$- 150$ dollars.

Each piece will be acrylic on panel painted to your specifications in my signature style.

An original, signed, custom portrait of your beloved companion makes a wonderful memento, or an excellent gift for a fellow animal lover.




The sweet pooch to the left is Dignan: a kind hearted, one eyed golden lab who was loved by all and will be missed, especially by his people Max and Megan.


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